Lucas Fernandes da Costa

What Can We Learn With JavaScript Fatigue?

Lucas Fernandes da Costa

The whole reason of JS Fatigue is not the huge amount of modules we’ve got available, the real issue is the mindset we have when writing code. With an average of 764 new packages a day and lots of new technologies appearing it seems impossible to keep up with the insane velocity things happen in the JavaScript ecosystem, but actually you don’t necessarily need to.

In this talk, I won’t talk about the language itself and I won’t talk about frameworks. I will talk about what how this ended up happening and why we should see it as a positive thing from a software engineering point of view. For a very long time we have been talking about componentization and reusability and now that we’ve got it we started complaining about it, how did that happen?

We will talk about Unix Philosophy, about the current state of open source software development and about our role as software engineers, after all, we’re not paid to write code, we are paid to solve problems.